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My latest books about healing


In this practical guide to the Sagi method of information medicine, Maria Sagi, Ph.D., reveals that nonlocal healing is a quantum science that works through the transmission of information and that its effects can be controlled and verified. Drawing on the Akashic information field of Ervin Laszlo, she explains that the universe is not a mechanical system composed of matter--it operates like an overarching network that runs on and is connected by information.


Cosmic information “in-forms” and underlies the whole physical world, including the human body. Sharing stories of successful remote healings she facilitated and her interactions with pioneers Erich Körbler, Gordon Flint, and Franz Stern, Sagi shows that we can access the Akashic information field to diagnose illnesses, treat symptoms, and heal the causes of disease, whether we are in the same room as our patient or on the other side of the earth. 

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With the discovery of information as the basic software of living systems came the realization that malfunction in the living system can be treated by correcting the information that causes the malfunction. With this milestone book by a long-standing practitioner of this new kind of medicine, the door is opened to every healer and physician to complement his or her healing practice by diagnosing the cause of their patients health problems before they manifest as disease, and correcting the malfunction with non-invasive, testable and reproducible soft methods. This is information medicine, the cutting edge in the development of modern medical science; not an alternative to the tried and tested methods of biochemical medicine but a remarkably effective and readily acquired complement to it.

"This book is a fundamental, almost encyclopedic reference for anyone who is seriously interested in new developments in the art and science of healing." --Ervin Laszlo

Download: Healing with Information - Flyer

The Hungarian and the Italian version of the book 'Healing with Information'

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"In the universal order that pervades the universe, it is the intention, the aspiration, through which consciousness organizes its own fulfillment. This divine order lays the foundation for the operation of telemedicine and other dormant potentials. Dr. Mária Sági's book provides an insight into the laws of nature; to the “phenomenon” that wants to reclaim its well-deserved place in medicine." 

Deepak Chopra


The Hungarian cover of the book 

'Remote Healing'

It is an outstanding achievement that a book by a Hungarian author is published for the first time in the field of English language publications, with the praise and recommendation of the highest international experts.


Dr. Mária Sági has been practicing the science of telemedicine for more than two decades, so she deserved this recognition. Following the success of the Information Healing - Körbler Method (Bioenergetic, 2018), she presents the technique of telemedicine and the method she has developed, enriched with case studies in her latest book. Her insights are of paramount importance to society as a whole and provide us with new opportunities not only in medicine and healing, but in all major areas of our lives. From a quantum perspective, there is no thing that is outside the unity of the universe. All things and events are part of the same one, the whole.


Separation, as Einstein said, is an illusion. And if that is the case, then non-locality is no longer an inexplicable miracle or fairy tale, but a fact based on science, what is more, one of the basic tenets of science. This premise explains why therapy is effective in telemedicine, why pain goes away, why wounds heal, and why mental trauma dissolves.

"The healer and the aspirant at the quantum level are connected regardless of space and time. None of them are separate entities, but part of the whole. This book is a milestone in the history of science. I highly recommend it to everyone!" Dr. Ervin Laszlo

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Download the pdf version of the study Experimental research into musical generative ability by MÁRIA SÁGI and IVÁN VITÁNYI

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