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Endorsements for the book:


Nonlocal Information Medicine and the Akashic Field

Mária Sági’s book is a milestone in the unfolding history of medicine.  It recalls a dimension that was known to the classical healers but has not received the attention it deserves in today’s medical community: the dimension of holistic healing with information. 

Information is key to understanding the workings of the organism and this information, as the quantum sciences are telling us, is whole and nonlocal. This explains how Dr. Sági can heal her patients across space and time, and assures us that this kind of information-based holistic healing is a legitimate, and indeed fundamental, complement to the diagnosis and therapy practiced in contemporary medicine. 

Prof. Ervin Laszlo

The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research & The Club of Budapest


Current science is going through seismic paradigm shifts suggesting that all existence is consciousness and its modified expressions, and that fundamental reality is nonlocal and intention is how consciousness organizes its own fulfillment. These revelations lay the basic framework for dormant human potentials, such as remote healing. 

This book will give you insight into a phenomenon known in wisdom traditions across the world and now getting the attention of healers and medical practitioners that  it deserves.

Deepak Chopra, MD

The Chopra Foundation


Dr. Maria Sági’s “Remote Healing,” with its brilliant, data rich exploration of non-local diagnostic and therapeutic bioinformatics, will prove extraordinarily important to the future of medicine. With an unwieldy, human population fast approaching 8 billion precious individuals, and our species’ Anthropocenic inflictions on the planet backfiring with epidemiological acceleration, Dr Sági’s breakthrough work represents to medical treatment and our understanding of deep physiology, what carbon negative and animal liberation modalities mean to global warming and to the world’s biodiversity crisis. The parallels are unambiguous: a healthy human and a healthy planet are inextricably reciprocal. In that way of thinking and living, “Remote Healing” offers a powerful anodyne at once pragmatic and illuminating. Every medical student and practitioner of health in humans—and other species—must read this book.

Michael Charles Tobias, PhD

Ecologist, President of Dancing Star Foundation


Nowadays, in all countries of the world, people are growing more and more anxious about the spread of new, unknown illnesses—illnesses that mystify scientists and interrupt the flow of our daily lives.

If scientists are to meet the challenges of the future, they need to expand their studies to include the limitless realm of information fields, fields that surpass time and space. Dr. Mária Sági has spent more than twenty years practicing nonlocal healing, and she has developed an effective healing method that can be learned by any qualified physician or healer. However, as Dr. Sági points out, "the healer's mind must be clear, and he or she must have an honest wish to heal." We are living in an age where healing for purposes of profit or fame is no longer tenable. Only pure-minded health professionals can assist us in restoring our natural, good health. For such people, I believe that Mária Sági's new book will be an indispensable tool.

Masami Saionji

Chair, The Goi Peace Foundation (Japan)


This book is very important because it opens the new and important path of remote healing, which can reverse disease conditions and invigorate health in many persons anywhere in the world wherever they are located. This will be the future: quantistic medicine.

Pier Mario Biava, MD

Founder and head, Novacell Biotech 


There are mountains of books on healing, many with claims that are difficult to assess or verify. Remote Healing stands out as a beacon of leading edge scientific insight and teachable methodology. Mária Sági has given us a work of deep integrity and dazzling importance for the future of healing.

James O'Dea 

Author and Former President, The Institute of Noetic Sciences 


The effectiveness of Remote Healing as so ably and accessibly explained in this important, timely and much needed book, is now being supported by a scientifically-based integral model of reality. Founded on quantum and relativistic physics, its expanded understanding and discoveries of the intrinsic and fundamental role of meaningful ‘in-formation’ and the so-called holographic principle, is revealing how our Universe exists and evolves as a nonlocally coherent entity and as an emergent manifestation of more fundamental non-physical and causative realms of cosmic intelligence and unified reality.

Ever increasing scientific evidence at all scales of existence from the minute Planck scale to the entirety of the Universe and across many fields of research, is now validating the primacy of mind and consciousness. In addition to the validity of nonlocal healing, this holistic wholeworld-view offers a natural and inclusive framework for other ‘supernormal’ phenomena, such as synchronicities, intuitive insight, the power of intention, telepathy, precognition, and remote viewing.

Dr. Jude Currivan 

Cosmologist, co-founder of WholeWorld-View

From left.jpg

Three thousand years ago no one could imagine or believe we can have enough light at night, because people did not know about electricity.  Three hundred years ago no one could imagine or believe that we can communicate worldwide and search a wide variety of information via a small machine such as a smart phone, because nobody new about the electromagnetic wave. Now we know about electricity and electromagnetic waves even if we cannot see them with our eyes. And we believe them because they can be measured by estanlblished scientific methods and are being used in everyday life. Therefore when chi, intention, prayer and love will be measured by the scientific method, we shall believe them although we still we do not see them. I am sure that nonlocal healing will be proven by the establkished method of science in the near future, and Dr. Maria Sági’s book is a historical milestone toward this end. It offers a new dimension and a new paradigm for medical treatment in Japan and worldwide.  

Mitsu Shibata

Ambassador, The Club of Budapest, Japan



This pioneering and ground-breaking book introduces the theory and practice of nonlocal healing within an extended scientific framework while clearly explaining the author’s own  experience of researching the whole field as well as its history within different cultures. Instead of limiting ourselves to local biochemical approaches, we can now complement these with systematic methods on the basis of our unique individual morphic patterns within an overall general species pattern to heal and restore  health and harmony to the person.  The basis of future advances in a more comprehensive medicine will be energetic and informational rather than simply molecular, as this book convincingly demonstrates. 

David Lorimer

Director, The Scientific and Medical Network, England



Can the study and practice of something that has been practiced for thousands of years be considered brand new? That is exactly what Maria Sági has accomplished by bringing state of the art science to a craft Shamans and other healers have been practicing since far back in human history. The techniques of intuitive and materialistic healing have long overlapped, but in this brilliant book we get to peek behind the curtain and see that in every important way the two are inseparable. There is a very real scientific basis for her method, couched in the discoveries of cutting age physics, and we are now beginning to understand that we are much more than our material bodies. This is an important book, but it is very accessible for those without a background in either medicine or remote viewing. It is also an entertaining read! 

Jim Willis

Author, The Quantum Akashic Field



Dr. Maria Sagi gives us a remarkably rich study of nonlocal healing methods and how to understand them in the larger settings of science and traditional healing practices.  Only with today’s many advances in understanding nonlocal information and physics can both healers and scientists fully appreciate the facts set out on these pages.  Dr. Sagi has given us a beautifully written and clear narrative of the history and knowledge of nonlocal healing.  Filled with many examples and personal stories, this book is a joy to read.

Allan Leslie Combs, Ph.D.
California Institute of Integral Studies


For years I experienced the transformative power of fields of consciousness in my university setting, leading me to write The Living Classroom, but Remote Healing mines these fields with a precision and detail that I had not previously thought possible. You have opened a new world to me, and to your future readers. I sincerely thank you for your work and for sharing it in this book.

Christopher Bache

Author of LSD and the Mind of the Universe

Dr. Mária Sági presents the methodology of remote healing scientifically in her latest work, departing from, but not denying, its mystical origins. Remote healing is no longer a magical, but a scientific method, benefiting from a background of decades of research conducted on energy and information theory, wave theory, nuclear physics, and quantum theory.

In addition to introducing the scientific background, a great virtue of the book is the simple, earnest, heart-warming style of its author. She brings us just close to ancient Egypt, Daoist thinking and to Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine, and she makes us feel at home in the Viennese laboratory of Erich Körbler, the London office of Carl Upton, and the German brain research laboratory of Professor Haffelder. 

The author is not only thoroughly versed in science education, but she also helps us to understand her method through practical examples, and her own experience in reporting on the treatment of her patients’ problems. A special strength of the book are the countless case studies that allow us to get a glimpse of the diverse methods used in remote healing. I  recommend this book to everyone who realizes that the possibilities of science in general, and of medical science in particular, are much vaster than we think. Our potentials are limited limited only by our own minds. 

Dr. Róbert Csiszár

Biological Dentistry and Hungarian Medical Association 


Dr. Mária Sági provides us with a complex diagnostic and therapeutic system that everyone can learn and use, and does it in simple and straightforward language and in an entertaining style. Good and true ideas do not fall through the sieve of time. Erich Körbler’s diagnostic and healing, bioinformational medicine has stood the test of time, and through Mária Sági’s work it keeps progressing, expanding, evolving beyond the life-span of its creator. Sági was chosen by Körbler; he passed on to her the knowledge and the practical methodology to achieve quasi-miraculous cures in cases that have stymied modern medicine. 

Körbler made a perfect decision whom to entrust with his treasure-house  of knowledge: Mária Sági continues his research and does research on her own, developing new methodologies. These include remote healing, of which the scientific explanation and background has now been provided. We can understand this amazing healing in light of the findings of biocybernetics, quantum physics, and psi-field theory. The finding that healing that transcends the frequency-range accessible to the eye nonetheless works is not magic any more; it is valid, and based on fact. We are grateful to Dr Sági for conveying this knowledge, and equipping us with healing methods that can be successfully applied by all who acquire it.  

Dr. Erzsébet Tusor

Hungarian Chamber of Physicians and Helior Medical Inc. 


Ahhh yes, this is a wonderful yet practical guide to the Sagi method of healing across space and time.


We now know that space and time isn’t what we think it is despite the fact that we can’t get our heads around it in linear ways.

It is this quantum revelation and beyond about space and time and our place “in it” that allows the magic of remote healing to occur. Why? Because this ‘quantum’ healing of energy in ‘unseen’ grids and fields that make up the human body can happen in a nonlocal way.

We receive modern language for what the ancient sages always knew — even if they didn’t refer to the crystalline grid and Akashic Records in ancient India, we know now that all humans can interact with the Akashic information field to diagnose and treat illnesses nonlocally and that the results and effects are proven again and again despite the fact that mainstream science still doesn’t universally recognize it.

This great read with a forward by Ervin Laszlo details techniques for diagnosing and transferring healinginformation at a distance, using geometric symbols to treat acute infections and reduce pain, and integrating information medicine with homeopathy and chakra therapy.

For those new to the concept of remote healing, think of it as healing over space and time or “nonlocalhealing,” which is particularly useful now that many of us are working (and studying from) home since the Covid lockdowns and restrictions the world has been experiencing since March 2020.

Once deemed as a mystical technique reserved for powerful shamans, sages and ancient gurus, we now know that we can all learn how to do remote healing — rather than the magic that we used to perceive, it is rather science, as biologists like Bruce Lipton has written about and Dr. Joe Dispenza speaks of regularly on the Gaia channel.

The author speaks of the cosmic information that truly underlies the whole physical world, including the human body. We also learn about energy pioneers in this area such as Erich Körbler, Gordon Flint, and Franz Stern among others. 

Maria Sagi demonstrates that by working with the Akashic information field in the quantum field, we can trigger the body’s self-healing mechanisms and restore order to our health and well-being.

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