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Are you interested
in Healing?

We are happy to share with you and our community of energy healers and spiritual seekers a brand-new, one-of-a-kind course with Dr. Mária Sági.  

It is a course in “Holistic Information Medicine”, endorsed among others by Bruce Lipton PhD.


We still have spots left in the course beginning March 17th 2024.

Conducted by Dr. Sági, Executive Director of The Club of Budapest this 7-month immersion course will start on17th March 2024 from 7am PT/ 10am ET/ 3pm BST/ 4pm CET, and will run for seven months.


The course will consist of seven sessions, each lasting two to three hours, and will be offered once every 4 weeks over the period of seven months.

It will be based on Maria’s recent books Healing with Information (O-Books London) and Remote Healing (Inner Traditions Rochester).


You will be provided with a workbook to accompany the course.


The course is enriched with two videos recorded by Dr. Ervin Laszlo, discussing the quantum field as the basis for the transmission of information.


Mária will teach you the art and method of remote healing.  You will have opportunities to try out your newly acquired skills with your classmates during the course.


The cost of participating in this unique Healing Course is 649 USD for the full 7-month course.

To register, please use this link:



Class schedule:



7am PT/10am ET/3pm BST/4pm CET


*PLEASE NOTE: Although it is unusual to vary the day of the week for the seminar, in this case,  we decided to do so since the fine-energy testing by Maria indicates the following days with the most favorable energy conditions. This way we are assured of optimal conditions for remote healing.


Class 1: Sunday, March 17th, 2024, 4pm CET- 6:30pm CET


Class 2: Saturday, April 13th, 2024, 4pm CET- 6:30pm CET


Class 3: Sunday, May 26th, 2024, 4pm CET- 6:30pm CET


Class 4: Saturday, June 22nd, 2024, 4pm CET- 6:30pm CET


Class 5: Sunday, July 14th, 2024, 4pm CET- 6:30pm CET


Class 6: Sunday, September 21st, 2024,

4pm CET- 6:30pm CET


Class 7: Sunday, October 20th, 2024,

4pm CET- 6:30pm CET


*You will have lifetime access to the recordings of the classes.

Should you be interested in registering and joining us, we would deeply appreciate you advising us of your principal interest and activities in particular the level of your engagement in healing.


Are you an expert or a beginner or something in-between in this field?

Thanks for submitting!

The course is facilitated by Jennifer K. Hill of MetaBizics. 
For any questions please email Jennifer at

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to treat patients remotely using Dr. Sági's proven methods

  • Receive two enriching videos from Ervin Laszlo 

  • Understand how to use a bio-indicator to diagnose patients remotely 

  • Enhance and make your current healing practice more precise and effective 

  • Acquaint you with the entire dimension of informational healing for your personal and professional use 

  • Identify the range of health issues amenable to treatment by information.

Examples of some of the uses of Information Healing:


-Skin diseases




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