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Endorsements for the book:


The New Homeopathy

A renaissance in science is shattering old myths and rewriting the story of life. Profound insights offered by research in the frontier sciences have completely revised our understanding of health and disease. A “new” biology is launching a revolution in healthcare by providing a scientific foundation for the emerging field of energy medicine.

The powerful role of energy healing practices in healthcare is grounded in the science of quantum biophysics. This new field of research expands our awareness of the mechanics of life far beyond the conventional knowledge currently offered in higher education and medical schools.

In Healing With Information, Maria Sági, with her brother István, integrate quantum physics principles with leading edge discoveries in cellular and molecular biology. The Sági’s valuable compilation introduces the revolutionary research of Erich Körbler (1938 –1994), founder of ‘New Homeopathy.’ This new science, which presents an empirical healing system based on the reception of information by the organism, provides insight into the communication channels that link mind, body and spirit.

Conventional allopathic medical scientists perceive of energy’s biological influence only in terms of a “force” that can physically alter molecules and cells (ionizing energy). Additionally, the biological role of energy healing has been actively suppressed by pharmaceutical financial interests, for this industry profits from the antiquated classical (Newtonian) mechanics belief that a physical body can only be influenced by physical chemistry (i.e., drugs).

In contrast, Körbler’s ‘New Homeopathy’ paradigm emphasizes the role of energy as “information” that influences biological organization and controls function. A highlight of Healing With Information is the excellent in depth scientific assessment of the nature by which energy vibrations and resonance influence biological systems by shaping cell, organ and organismal behavior and gene activity. The described mechanisms underscore a fundamental role for entanglement, complexity, coherence and emergence, quantum mechanical principles that collectively provide a foundation for a new vitalism.

In addition, Healing With Information offers readers a unique opportunity to construct and use Körbler’s dowsing rod, a device that translates subconscious information via micro-muscle movements. The Sági’s have included a large number of dowsing experiments that enable the reader to personally assess the role of energy information fields in their own health and life experiences.

I highly recommend the contents of Healing With Information, especially for practitioners of allopathic and complementary medicine modalities. The knowledge offered in this important work will expand their horizons and further empower their healing work. The new insights provide a master key that unlocks the science by which energetic patterns in the environment, and those created by thoughts, attitudes and beliefs, create the conditions of our body and our experiences in the external world.

Thinking required … and well worth the effort!

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

Stem cell biologist and bestselling author of The Biology of Belief,

Spontaneous Evolution and The Honeymoon Effect

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD
scientist and author

Information, as it has been proven, is the basis of all phenomena, even those concerning the inorganic world. The aggregation and disintegration of atoms and subatomic particles are governed by complex interactions of energy and electromagnetic fields, namely energy. The suitable combination of the elements that is at the origin of the organic molecules, and therefore of life, arises from the energetic interactions, i.e. from the information conveyed by these substrates which in turn generate other information that must be stored. In the case of biological organisms, such task is carried out by the memory of the genetic code, of the immune system, of the nervous system, of the endocrine system and so on. The entire system, to work at its best and reproduce itself, must be consistent. Numerous studies prove that any alteration of the consistency generate misinformation and, therefore, a pathology but also, restoring the correct information, therapy.

This valuable text by Dr. Sági, which takes up and continues Erich Körbler’s research – Körbler is the founder of the discipline called "New Homeopathy" – thoroughly analyzes and explains these mechanisms with the aid of numerous experiments and practical examples. In the wake of the studies of Popp, Del Giudice, László and others, the author explains how to detect the interference of subtle, electrical and electromagnetic energies acting on the cell, and the systems to restore the impaired balance.

Doctors can find surprising explanations that will help diagnosing and solving, whenever possible, a range of disorders that are extremely recurring nowadays – including chronic fatigue, insomnia, allergies, intolerances, musculoskeletal pain, chronic mycosis and even cancer – disorders for which doctors often lack appropriate responses. What doctors can generally offer is a generic reference to stress, and accordingly they prescribe a therapy that is completely inadequate, and sometimes even harmful. Reading Sági’s illuminating study will therefore help them understanding and prevent errors in therapy.

Review by Claudio Mazza, Ipsa Publisher

If you are now holding this book in your hands it is probably because you have been attracted by its title or cover, or because someone suggested reading it, or for some other personal reasons. Whatever the reason, you need to know that this book is not the kind of book everyone can read. It is a fascinating book, full of information and data which are completely new and original, but are, to be sure, definitely beyond the understanding of science, especially of mainstream Medicine.


The concept of cause and effect in healing still is fundamental, obviously, but it is beyond the generally recognized paradigms, which are linear and mechanical. If you have a free spirit, interested in looking at reality with new eyes, don’t be discouraged by the effort needed to address these new scenarios. They are worth it!!!

Alessandro Pizzocaro

President Guna Pharmaceutical S.p.a. Milan




Dr. Maria Sagi's book offers a complete synthesis of the role of information in determining the events that are at the origin of life, and of all things in the universe. In addition, her book tells us how to view the information present in the human organism and assess whether we are in a state of health or of disease and also informs us of the role of the various substances with which our organism comes in contact that can have affect on the state of our health.


The book of Maria Sagi provides a complete synthesis that every person should know in order not damage his or her own organic equilibrium and the equilibrium of the ecology. It is a book that should be read particularly by physicians and all people interested in questions of health and healing.

Dr. Pier Mario Biava

Istituto di Ricovero e Cura a Carattere

Scientifico Multimedica, Milan


I commend the wealth of knowledge contained in this book to all my medical doctor colleagues who have the dynamism, courage, motivation and love of the medical profession to acquire ever new knowledge and familiarize themselves with even lesser-known methods of treatment. Taking possession of such knowledge and forms of treatment and integrating further tools in the repertoire of our already existing therapeutic toolkit, they will be able to ensure an even better and more extensive treatment for their patients. I can vouch for their experiencing much success and appreciation in their practice.

I recommend this work to all healers and practitioners who have the self-knowledge and the devotion and respect for their profession to keep expanding their understanding in order to provide even better and more efficient help to those who seek their assistance.

I recommend it to all my fellow humans who choose the path of self-healing. I encourage them to immerse themselves with all due attention in the study of this wonderful method; to use it with circumspection and with the wisdom to discern the ways they can heal themselves and their family up to the point where they truly need to consult a physician.

I recommend this work to all the readers, suggesting that they immerse themselves without hesitation in this marvellous fountainhead of knowledge where they will find themselves in the domain of new energies and information.

When all is said and done, everything in the world is information and energy.

I wish you all much success, joy, health, and peace of mind.

Dr. Erzsébet Tusor

Hungarian Chamber of Physicians and Helior Medical Inc. 


Erich Körbler was one of the greatest figures of the late 20th century. His theoretical and practical work has laid new foundations for our understanding of disease, its aetiology, diagnostics and therapy, as well as for our entire thinking about medicine. It is not easy to provide a commendation of such a massive scholarly activity, even less to summarize it.

A scientific discovery which modifies the very basis of previous thinking is called a paradigm shift. All paradigm shifts are revolutionary in their impact. The previous approach and its representatives become surpassed and outdated –they become orthodox. The transition is never easy or smooth.

Erich Körbler and the scientific approach he termed New Homeopathy integrate the physical concepts of energetics, informatics and wave theory into the conceptual structures not only of medicine but also of our everyday thinking. The authors of the present book trace this fascinating intellectual process, creating something that is of lasting value not only from the ‘popular’but also from the scientific point of view. This is a seminal work which responds to a felt need, as life did not grant Erich Körbler the chance to provide a heritage of a completed work. His heritage consists of short articles and lecture notes that his students and disciples could rely on, following his abrupt and untimely death.

Dr. Mária Sági and István Sági take on a momentous task 20 years after Körbler’s death to reconstruct his teaching that lays the foundations for medical science in the 21st century. Regrettably, the dowsing rod (‘bio-indicator’) invented by Erich Körbler has not yet become a diagnostic tool in medicine, but hopefully in a short time it will become a common instrument in the hand of every healer.

Dr. Róbert Csiszár

Biological Dentistry and Hungarian Medical Association 

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