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Review of 'Remote Healing', by Dr. Maria Sagi

Maria‘s (or Dr. Sagi's) book is way ahead of its time, and in my view extremely accurate.

As a medical doctor who deals with many patients suffering from fatigue and digestive disorders, I was fascinated by Maria‘s (Dr Sagi's) personal history of feeling unwell and how she transcended this through the advice of her complimentary network of professionals. The story of her accessing her healing path is not unusual, as it seems that many, such as Eckhart Tolle, gain wisdom through personal suffering.

She fluidly explains the holistic states of the body in terms of informational flow. Truly getting to the origin of the problem, healing is explained as equivalent to changing the operating programs of a computer, in order to access the natural self- healing process of our body. Also, the process is well described in terms of quantum physics, as she explains the concept of non-locality and the various fields of information in consciousness that we interact with in order to ‘inform’ our well-being. She talks about healing being a match in resonance with the patient's informational state and that of the 'perfect human vibrational state,' or health. Also, the importance of the healer or therapist being able to match their clients' frequency. This entails their state of mind being clear and calm, with good intention, therefore able to tune their ‘antenna’ into the correct frequency - in order of course to understand the disturbance of this frequency. She mentions the similarity in beliefs and methods to the Laurence society of holistic Medicine in England, a body that believes in finding the energetic processes that lie behind the manifestation of illness and its causes.

Something new was the discovery that looking at certain geometric patterns is healing. I loved the historical descriptions of these 'glyphs' being found on ancient peoples. Then followed a fascinating explanation of how they found act as an antenna or conduit between the patient’s energy field and that of the healing field. It would somehow helps the resonance. Actually also that the symbols written on the correct area of the body would enable healing.

**** I myself have had an opportunity to discover the application of this method and was extremely impressed. Whilst travelling experienced so much fatigue, neck and back pains which although going on for months if not years, had worsened. Remotely, Maria (Dr Sagi) was immediately able to pinpoint the emotional origin of this disorder back to a trauma I had experience during a car crash many years before. She then gave me symbol to look at twice a day. Strangely, I find it very comforting - gazing at these lines and as I gazed at them, ideas (information) came to me revolving around the seriousness of this psychological trauma and how it had affected me in my life. I was really sad when I had to stop looking at these lines, as they appeared to induce a sense of calmness My pains just dissolved over. a few days, and have not returned to date.. I felt this technique was truly getting to the origins of the problem. I found it very profound when she said, "The age-old insight that the organism can heal itself when it is in touch with the universe is reaffirmed in the new sciences and in information medicine. The information that codes all things in the universe is present in every human being. It is complete and functional, governing the myriad processes of the organism, and capable of correcting a wide range of malfunctions. But it needs to be accessed, and this calls first of all for recognizing that it is present, and that it can be accessed. Helping people and medical practitioners to recognize this is one contribution of information medicine to our health and well-being.' Indeed, Maria points to a way of accessing this healing.

‘Fabulously interesting! Anyone interested in healing or vibrational medicine please buy this book. As an integrative medical doctor, the is my kind of book, as it’s written by a healer with real experience, not just theory. It combines together information that makes sense not only scientifically, also culturally, as she seamlessly connects indigenous wisdom from millennia, explaining them in a modern context. There is so much information and research here - nuggets of information all in a small package.'

Dr Susan Jamieson, Integrative physician and specialist in consciousness and light in wellbeing ( Susan Jamieson, M.D. * sent from a strange mobile device that bizarrely doesn't understand a Scottish accent Dr Susan Jamieson MBChB MRCGP DRCOG MACNEM (international energy and light speaking business) ((integrative medical practice hong kong)

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CEO Ideafarms
CEO Ideafarms
Apr 04, 2022

Information Medicine—A NEW frontier

Remote Healing is a must-read. It in-forms us about our potential of healing ourselves by realigning with the source. I visualise the triad of Hahnemann, Körbler and Sági methods coming together perfectly as the cornerstones of a new system of healing that rests on the Akashic paradigm proposed by Dr. Ervin Laszlo. Building upon her previous book, Healing with Information, Maria Sagi explains the science and the art of alternatives to biophysical and biochemical interventions and the new emerging field of Information Medicine.

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