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New Dawn Special Issue Vol. 14 No.672 pages • A4 size • Full Color Glossy Magazine

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Healing in the Akashic Field - The Quantum Science of Information Medicine

"In the modern world, remote healing has been relegated to the realm of fiction. This is now changing. Compelling evidence has been amassed in experimental parapsychology and the quantum sciences that the phenomena of information-based healing are real and important. The Akashic Field theory developed by the Hungarian philosopher of science, Ervin Laszlo, explains these phenomena and rep- resents an important development in the contemporary healing arts. In this article, I link the new paradigm pioneered and developed by Laszlo with the phenomena I encountered in my twenty year-plus experience as a healer."

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A new paradigm is entering mainstream science. Scientists realise that space is not empty and that what they have been calling the quantum vacuum is, in fact, a cosmic plenum. It is a fundamental field validating the ancient concept of the Akasha. As Laszlo tells us, the Akashic Field interconnects all things and conserves the trace of all things. It is a constant and complete memory-store of the universe. The existence of interconnection and memory in nature is no longer fan- tasy: it is an established fact. And it is directly relevant to the practice of healing.

Healing can be practised not only locally, but also nonlocally – at a distance.

PRACTICING SPACE- AND TIME-TRANSCENDING HEALING Healing with information is space- and time-independent. In light of my experience, it is ren- dered possible by the “tuning” of the healer to the Akashic informa- tion and memory field – the field that conserves and conveys the morphic pattern of the individual as well as the generic pattern of the species. The healer selects the in- formation that creates an improved match between the individual and the generic patterns, thus reinforc- ing the energy balances of the patient.

When the transmission is achieved, the entire organism of the patient is affected, not only the dysfunctional parts.

The functionality of the vital processes of the organism is de- termined by the interaction of the body with the embedding elec- tromagnetic field. Nobel laureate brain researcher Roger Sperry has experimentally shown this. Sperry demonstrated that the conscious- ness associated with the neocortex displays the functioning of the en- tire nervous system. Consciousness reflects the functioning of the brain and the neuronal networks. Positive or negative contents of conscious- ness affect all the cells of the body. Positive contents of consciousness promote the coherent functioning of the system. For good health, every cell in the system needs to function in harmony with every other cell. Any stimulus, whether external or internal, which proves positive promotes the coherence – the harmonious functioning – of the system.

Austrian scientist Erich Körbler found that positive contents of con- sciousness bring an energy surplus to the organism, while negative contents depress the energy levels. With favourable inputs, cell volt- age builds up to -60 mV and even higher. The molecular structure of the cell develops to enable further connections. Because of the coher- ence of this process, effects spread over the entire organism.

In my experience, the bioindica- tor reacts sensitively to changes in the psychosomatic condition of my patient: it indicates whether a sub- tle psychological factor, such as a thought or idea, is tolerable or intol- erable for him or her. It also shows how psychological changes act on the physical state of the body. Negative, destructive or harmful events affecting the mind reappear on the physical level and affect bodily function. This holds true even if the harmful event concerns another person, or we merely see it on the screen. All survival threaten- ing acts trigger one of the standard responses: flee, fight, or freeze.

FURTHER READING Remote Healing: Nonlocal Information Medicine and the Akashic Field by Dr. Maria Sági is available from book suppliers and New Dawn magazine in our Jan-Feb 2021 issue. Download the full article by clicking on the pdf file below.

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