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Remote Healing - Embody Magazine Winter 2020 Issue

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Remote healing is healing over space and time. Often called “nonlocal healing,” it is no longer a magical occurrence or a mysterious technique reserved for powerful shamans. Remote healing has moved from magic to science and it can be learned.

Maria Sagi, Ph.D., guides us through her invention, the Sagi Method and explains how nonlocal healing is a quantum science that works through the transmission of information and that its effects can be controlled and verified. Drawing on the Akashic information field of Ervin Laszlo, she explains that the universe is not a mechanical system composed of matter, it operates like an embracing network that runs on and is connected by information. Cosmic information “in-forms” and underlies the whole physical world, including the human body. Healing beyond the limitations of space and time is nonlocal healing. This is an intriguing concept, shading into the esoteric domains. It has always excited the imagination and has often been claimed to be real by shamans and witches and other spiritual persons, but not usually by scientists. However, in her book on this subject she presents a method that allows anyone who is serious about healing to practice healing in the remote form and to reap its benefits.

The Uses of Remote Healing But what is remote healing truly for? To answer this query, first I need to clarify what nonlocal healing is not for. Nonlocal healing does not replace the mainstream method of healing. A personal meeting between doctor and patient is in most cases indispensable for the patient’s recovery. Neither does nonlocal healing replace diagnostic procedures, although certain clairvoyant healers using nonlocal methods are able to make diagnoses that are as accurate as those using conventional methods or are even more insightful when it comes to identifying the root causes of problems.

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