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Winter Reads for Enlightenment - We Blog The World by Renee Blodgett

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

"Ahhh yes, this is a wonderful yet practical guide to the Sagi method of healing across space and time. We now know that space and time isn’t what we think it is despite the fact that we can’t get our heads around it in linear ways."

It is this quantum revelation and beyond about space and time and our place “in it” that allows the magic of remote healing to occur. Why? Because this ‘quantum’ healing of energy in ‘unseen’ grids and fields that make up the human body can happen in a nonlocal way."

We receive modern language for what the ancient sages always knew — even if they didn’t refer to the crystalline grid and Akashic Records in ancient India, we know now that all humans can interact with the Akashic information field to diagnose and treat illnesses nonlocally and that the results and effects are proven again and again despite the fact that mainstream science still doesn’t universally recognize it.

This great read with a forward by Ervin Laszlo details techniques for diagnosing and transferring healinginformation at a distance, using geometric symbols to treat acute infections and reduce pain, and integrating information medicine with homeopathy and chakra therapy.

For those new to the concept of remote healing, think of it as healing over space and time or “nonlocalhealing,” which is particularly useful now that many of us are working (and studying from) home since the Covid lockdowns and restrictions the world has been experiencing since March 2020.

Once deemed as a mystical technique reserved for powerful shamans, sages and ancient gurus, we now know that we can all learn how to do remote healing — rather than the magic that we used to perceive, it is rather science, as biologists like Bruce Lipton has written about and Dr. Joe Dispenza speaks of regularly on the Gaia channel.

The author speaks of the cosmic information that truly underlies the whole physical world, including the human body. We also learn about energy pioneers in this area such as Erich Körbler, Gordon Flint, and Franz Stern among others.

Maria Sagi demonstrates that by working with the Akashic information field in the quantum field, we can trigger the body’s self-healing mechanisms and restore order to our health and well-being.

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